Sinister Act: Whoopi Goldberg Defends Michael Vick

whoop.jpgI’ve spent way too much time thinking about the Michael Vick situation, but it’s hard not to when you own a pit bull and are also a Falcons’ fan. Anyway, the latest and greatest is that Whoopi Goldberg, who had her debut on The View today, used the time to defend Michael Vick.

“You know from his background this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from,” Goldberg said, echoing the asinine statements made by Jamie Foxx.

After her co-host Joy Behar asked, “How about dog torture and dog murdering?” Goldberg replied, “You’re a dog lover. For a lot of people dogs are sport.” Goldberg even had the nerve to excuse Vick by saying “This is part of his cultural upbringing.”

Will someone please tell me why the “cultural upbringing” is becoming an accepted excuse for Michael Vick? Racism was certainly part of many people’s cultural upbringing, especially in the South, but are we supposed to give a pass to the Klan members who lynched black men and burned churches to the ground? Do we write it all off as “that’s just how they were raised?” Of course not.whoop.jpg


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  1. Wow. How did I not hear about this before reading your post? Whoopi Goldberg, well…she was funny right up until about 1 minute and 10 seconds ago. “Part of his cultural upbringing”?!? WTF?

    My parents believed that a good punishment involved a willow switch or a belt, whichever was closer. Should I beat the crap out of my kids and use that as my excuse, or maybe, MAYBE I should just a) avoid the situation altogether (winner), or B) If I do end up screwing up (and I won’t) take responsibility for the fact I’m a moron who breaks laws and does things that are not only illegal, but horrible acts of human nature!

    I just added Whoopi to my list of most hated celebrities. Vick’s name is about 2 spaces above hers.



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