Rules of Life (That I keep breaking)

I wouldn’t say I have a code, but I do have a list in my head of things that I am against doing. For example, if you’re at a concert and those in the audience are dutifully waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care, I’m the guy who has his hands in his pockets. When a group of people decide it’s a good time for a sing along, I’m the guy sitting there with an uncomfortable smile, waiting for the damn song to end.

But, after breaking one of my long-standing rules this weekend, I realized it was not the only rule I have broken lately. Here are just a few of them, starting with the weekend:

No High Fiving – I broke this rule during the Falcons’ game, when I was high fiving everyone in my vicinity. Actually, I was going up and down the row, doing some serious high fiving, so I broke the hell out of this rule. What can I say? It was an exciting game. Actually, thanks to sports, this is a rule that I break so much that I’ve considered moving it to the “permitted” list. But, if I do that, I’m scared I may start high fiving random people for random reasons. No, the rule must remain.

Random Instant Messaging Rules – I have lots of rules for instant messaging. Some are easy to keep, such as “no lol’s,” but lately I’ve been breaking the “no winking” rule and the “no using ‘k’ when I mean ‘OK’ rule. The former is hard not to break, because I flirt a lot. The latter, well, I have no excuse for that one. Do I really think I’m saving time by omitting the “O?” Plus, saying “k” sounds so goofy. I gotta work on this one.

Thou Shall Not TWITTER – As I mentioned in this post, I was against “Twittering.” I thought it was a ridiculous idea, and felt that no one wanted to know what I was up to. While I’m still not sure anyone cares, I do know that I care about following certain people, so maybe there IS a chance that others care to know what I’m doing. Not only do I Twitter now, but I use so I can update my statuses on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter all at the same time. Click here to follow me and you’ll always know what I’m doing. Next up: TonyCam!

Who knows? Maybe these rule breaks indicate that I’m relaxing more as I get older. Hell, I may even throw my hands up in the air at the next show I go to. However, there are a few personal rules that I know I will NEVER break. Here is a sampling:

  • No purchasing a concert T-shirt and putting it on AT the concert
  • No face painting for sporting events
  • No speaking in an British accent, even as a joke
  • No referring to Target as Tarjey. (Also, reservations are not to be called “ressies,” Bloomingdales is not “Bloomies,” and so on.)

Do you, dear reader who found this blog while searching for the Gene Simmons sex video, have personal rules? What are some of them? Comments are fun, so leave one.


2 Responses

  1. Well, I can say that I break many of the rules that you find sacred. For example, I have a smashing (i.e. terrible) English accent that I like to break out occasionally when I drink a spot of tea.

    Also, I’ve started saying “sammies” when I mean sandwiches and I used to think that was sooo dumb. Oops! (The same goes for “meh” and “totes” because now I can’t. stop. using. them.)

  2. 1) Unless you yourself are actively playing a sport at the time, a high five is completely unacceptable. Unless, of course, you’re referencing “The Todd” from Scrubs.

    2) I use “kk” instead of “ok” b/c it saves keystrokes and I’m lazy. Jenn hates it which only serves to ensure that I do it. All. the. time.

    I’m also a big fan of punctuation humor which runs counter to my foreshortening IM habits.

    Funniest. Meme. Evar!

    3) I’m a Twitter fiend.

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