Just Get Off Your Asses Already!


“We are all born with the same opportunities.”

This was just said to me by a co-worker. Why did the coworker say something so asinine? Well, it was her reasoning as to why a)she is a John McCain supporter and b) she doesn’t want her taxes raised to “give money to people who don’t work for it.”

I understand that we should all work hard to make ourselves better people, but to say that we are all born with the same opportunities is ridiculous. Can any rational person really say that this is true?

What about kids with drug addicts for parents, or kids who are physically and/or sexually abused? Wait. The more I think about it, fuck them. They have the same opportunity as all of us!

Then I think about how not terribly long ago, black people and women couldn’t even vote. But, then again, fuck them too! I don’t see how being thought of as less than human should blind you from the fact that you have the same opportunities as everyone else. They are just lazy!

Oh, and the people born with mental conditions? Why do they think for one minute that, just because they spit up on themselves, they can’t do what everyone else can do? I, for one, don’t want my tax dollars paying for some fucking retard to sit around on their ass all day watching Family Feud reruns. Don’t even get me started on the gays!

I’m glad I wrote this, because now I totally get it. My coworker was right. We are all the same. We all have the same opportunities. How could I have been so stupid?


3 Responses

  1. You sure have a lot of anger. I sense some tension that needs RELEASE. I’m having a little trouble seeing how you get from “don’t give money to people who don’t work for it” to gay-bashing and making fun of mentally handicapped. That would be a convenient link for you, but it says more about your ability to make an arguement than the actual views of the opposing party.

    Good luck with your anger. Hope you don’t talk to the wrong Republican in that tone. Oh, wait, this is not really “talking”, in the normal face-to-face manner most people do.

  2. I don’t think republicans that say stuff like this even hear themselves saying it. It’s like some talking points sheet they handed out at a “rally” (not saying what kind of rally it was).

    Anyway, the irony of this is that some of the same mean people that are saying “people shouldn’t be getting help from the government” are starting to be the ones that are saying “we need our government to help us”.

    The irony soothes my soul (trying not to gloat) and makes me believe in what goes around comes around.

    Keep moving people.

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