How People Find Stale Bread: 2/12-2/19

internet_surferEvery once in a while I like to check out my blog stats. I do not do this to stroke my ego. I mean, how much stroking can one do when finding out a whopping 45 people checked out their blog the day before? Not much. Instead, I like checking my stats to see HOW they found my rarely-updated spot on the web. I am almost always surprised, and even disgusted at what I find.

So, I figured, why not start sharing some of these search terms, just in case you’ve started thinking most people use the Internets to expand their mind. My “top line” analysis? There are a lot of people out there who are really obsessed with tattoos, Gene Simmons and “fucken” 17 year olds. Oh, and a lot of them are also racists who want to know how to best use their iPhone.

Here are some highlights from 2/12/09 – 2/19/09

  • shit tattoos
  • what republicans say the word nigger
  • gene simmons sex tongue
  • what is with all the winking on
  • i’ll never stop loving you tattoo
  • 17 years oldfuck hard
  • “michael vick” +nigger
  • 17 years oldfuck hard
  • quiet riot
  • top iphone uses
  • pussypower
  • heidi fleiss ugly
  • gene simmons cunnilingus
  • power to the pussy
  • 17 year old fucked
  • sex in a truck
  • christian tattoos
  • old lady sex
  • best uses of the iphone
  • fucken 17 yearold
  • people who hate republican
  • 17 year old fuck
  • 1980 clothes fashion
  • stale pussy
  • does gene simmons drink or do drugs
  • can a 17 year old fuck a thirty year old
  • why be thankful for today

2 Responses

  1. I think the last search term is actually quite sad. Or maybe I’m reading it wrong.

  2. I agree. But, at least they found my blog while trying to figure out whether to off themselves or not. Hopefully they thought “well, I’m at least cooler than this dude, ” and decided to keep l-i-v-i-n.

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