Bubble Bath Blogging

Since I’m hoping to start blogging more, I thought I should finally test out this WordPress for the iPhone app that I downloaded months ago and haven’t touched since. To make testing it out fun, I decided to write this entry from a bubble bath. I hope that properly disturbs or excites you.

Speaking of bubble baths, I think I’m becoming obsessed with taking them. It started out with me taking one every Sunday, while drinking mimosas, but it is turning into a regular event. Sadly, there are no mimosas this morning, since I have to go to the gym in an hour.

OK, that should be enough jibberish to test this thing out. Plus, I gotta build my bubble fortress.


Best Uses for an iPhone

richard_marx_iphone1.jpgI got my iPhone for Christmas, and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with it.

It’s great that I can check my email, find out the weather, and get directions from almost anywhere. The camera is also cool, and much better than the one on my old phone. This means that the shots I take of myself while driving are snazzier than ever. Hell, I can even pretend I’m an important dude and check my stocks. (OK, I don’t currently have any stocks, but I do like to check how my employer is doing so I can decide if I should be paranoid about my job security.)

Last night, however, I finally realized the true genius of the iPhone; it quickly ends bar arguments.

While out with a group of friends for trivia night, I ended up in the kind of argument that would normally go on all night. It was about Richard Marx. What can I say? I’m drawn to conversations involving schmaltzy singers with big hair.

For some reason my friend Sam was talking about Marx and saying that he listened to his Greatest Hits CD a few weeks ago. Normally I would use this opportunity to ridicule my friend for owning a Richard Marx Greatest Hits CD, but I decided to go in a different direction. Besides, Air Supply’s Greatest Hits gets a lot of play on my turntable, so I’m in no position to throw stones. Instead, I questioned whether Richard Marx has enough hits to fill a Greatest Hits CD.

I argued that he had no more than three big hits, although I could only think of two at the time. The first being “Don’t Mean Nothing,” the second being “Right Here Waiting.”
Sam continued to claim he had “many” hits, but he was having a tough time naming them. So, instead of going on and on about Richard Marx for three hours, I broke out the iPhone and what the fuck do you know? Richard Marx had an assload of hits.

He had three number ones: “Hold On To The Nights,” “Satisfied,” and “Right Here Waiting.” He also had five other songs in the Top 10: “Don’t Mean Nothing” (#3), “Should’ve Known Better” (#3), “Endless Summer Nights” (#2), “Angelia” (#4), “Hazard” (#9), and “Now And Forever” (#7).

Why does any of this matter? It “Don’t Mean Nothing,”, really, unless you end up in a discussion about, or are asked a trivia question about, Richard Marx. If that happens, however, you’ll look like a genius. And you won’t even have to use your iPhone.