An Honest Buddy List

I am, without a doubt, the third guy on this “honest” buddy list from For some reason I want all my friends to know what I’m listening to throughout my day. It’s kinda like when I  had a beat up Nissan Sentra with a stereo worth more than the car. I drove that thing all over town, just steady bumpin’.  Why? I was 19 and wanted everyone to hear Too $hort, goddamn it! I wanted them to feeeeel Too $hort and his freaky tales that he told so well. Now my only reasoning is that I’m a narcissist who thinks people should know when I’m rockin’ Tom Jones.

While I’m #3 on the list, I also have quite a few of these other buddy types residing in my own list, but it would probably be better if I didn’t get into all that.



Embracing Narcissism

OK, I obviously never blog. Why? Because I have moments of, “does anyone really care about any of this?” and I stop. I struggle with trying to make the blog general enough as to not seem narcissistic. But, you know what? I am ready to embrace my narcissism. I’m ready to use this space for whatever the hell I want to and not care if it’s more personal than not. No one really reads it anyway and the people that do read it probably know me, so what’s wrong with being personal?

Just as long as I don’t start “twittering.” People that do that drive me crazy. I love myself plenty, but I KNOW that no one cares to follow the play-by-play of my day, in excruciatingly boring detail.

Tony Jenkins is Twittering: “Drinking Coffee”

Tony Jenkins is Twittering: “Going to go shower, then head to work.”

Tony Jenkins is Twittering: “Driving to work”

Tony Jenkins is Twittering: “In a meeting.”

Twitter me this: Who really gives a shit?

Anyway, I’m going to start blogging more. At least I think I am. I’m pretty certain I’ve said something like this before.

UPDATE: I was sucked in. So, follow me damn you!